Over Geocos

Geocos is supplier of private label and branded products in health and beauty, market leader in various fields.

Our strength? We are your silent partner.

We strive to be the expert partner for our customers. We help build categories, offer innovative concepts and provide the most reliable & flexible solutions to our retail- & branded partners.

You will find our products throughout Europe, at more than 40.000 points of sale, at leading drugstore chains, supermarket chains, pharmacies, hospitals, wholesalers & online.

Our extensive experience, worldwide network and certified (ISO 13485) organization can add value for you too.

Founded in 2005

250+ products in our ranges

Our products are sold in more than 20 countries

Sustainable production

Sold at more than 40.000 points of sale

Our history

Geocos was founded in 2005 in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. The founders saw that there was a market in the production and selling of wound care products.

Geocos gradually expanded its product portfolio and over the years added Foot Care, Sports, Facial Care, Skin Care, Depilatories & Beauty Accessories to the assortment. In order to guarantee its customers that Geocos works according to the highest norms the organization became ISO 13485 certified in 2018. By doing this Geocos acts according to the highest norms and EU regulations.

Geocos strives to be the specialist in the categories it operates in. Over the years, this has led to partnerships with leading retailers in Europe, creating a network from local- to multinational clients.

What we do

At Geocos we create concepts, products and brands with the goal to fulfill our customer- and consumer needs. As supplier of private label and branded products, our specialty lies in a broad spectrum of health and beauty categories like Wound Care, First Aid, Foot Care, Sports & Support, Facial Care, Skin Care, Depilatories & Beauty Accessories.

Being your full-service partner we distinguish ourselves by delivering a complete package from concept to delivered finished product.

We offer:

  • An ISO 13485:2016 certified organization
  • Specialism in various Health and Beauty categories
  • Close collaboration with our customers as full-service partners
  • Quality products at affordable prices through our worldwide network
  • An in-depth knowledge of today’s & tomorrows needs
  • In-house design
  • Short and fast communication lines
  • A solid and reliable supply chain


Our Quality team is fully aware of relevant legislation and standards. We work according to applicable legal standards and procedures to ensure quality in all facets. Being ISO 13485:2016 certified, we demonstrate our ability to provide medical devices and related services that meet customer requirements and European regulations. Products are regularly tested by independent institutes and in consumer panels to ensure that we deliver to the best standards.


Being a Health and Beauty company, we are well aware of the challenges that lie before us: we want our products to meet the expectations of our customers and consumers and at the same time we want to offer these products in the most sustainable way. For us this means; without harming the environment, recognizing human rights throughout the value chain and for the benefit of the people we work with. In addition, we ensure a healthy and attractive working environment and develop various social initiatives. We strive for transparency in the context of sustainability and expect the same from our customers and suppliers.

Supply chain

We offer a full range of logistical services to our customers. Our customers need the security that their products arrive on time and without delay. We have many years of import- and export experience which helps to speed-up direct deliveries from our sources.